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About Us

In 2018 Laborplast celebrates 60 years of activity. The company has become one of the Italian and European leaders on rigid PVC regeneration, used in the production of compounds, for extrusion and injection moulding, and cores for reels. It all began in 1958 in a small plant in the town of Sacconago, where Pariani brothers started a production of PVC solutions, especially cores and connectors for the local construction sites. The real estate growth of the period and the perseverance of Eugenio, Pierino, Paolo and Giovanni create a swift and profitable start. On 1973 a new plant in Bienate di Magnago gets inaugurated.


“Fratelli Pariani” became “Laborplast”, a company ready to face the new market challenged. The management, aware of the industrial packaging evolution, started the production of PVC cores for reels. This is a revolution, since cores for reels were usually produced of spiral cardboard. The customers placed their trust on Laborplast original ability and reliability, thus promoting its growth. In the mid-1990’s, once its position on marked was consolidated, Laborplast set its management according to the evolution idea: the first important investment focused on the replacement of the single-screw extruders with the best performing twin-screw ones. As the new millennium arrived, the company installed a regeneration plant with high production capacity, in order to introduce on the market also regenerated PVC compound. The main attraction of this product is its predisposition to be created according to each client specific needs and indications. On 2013 the new Busto Arsizio plant is ready: over 10.000 sm where cores production doubles and compound production triples. Until today the growth is continuous: from 10,000 tons in 2013 to more than 30,000 tons in 2021.

In 2015, we developed the consciousness that development cannot be separated from research. For this reason, the company built an internal laboratory for the main physical-mechanical tests (Compression, Traction, 3-point Bending, MVR, MFR, VST, HDT, Charpy and Izod impact resistance, Thermal stability), an advanced spectrophotometer and a 3D printer to create prototypes of new products. The sixtieth year of activity coincides with the expansion of the range products. The sixtieth year of activity coincides with the expansion of the range products. From January 2018 the production of full and hollowed PVC semi-finished products (round, square, rectangular, hexagonal section) begins: technical semi-finished products for various industrial sectors, primarily the chemical one. In 2019, the construction of a further new plant, near to the main headquarters, was completed, which will host, by the end of 2022, two additional compounding plants. For the future, Laborplast does not make predictions, only a commitment: to continue its work by giving customers innovative, dedicated products that respect the environment.