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Certified green energy

Laborplast believes that the fight against climate change is an extremely important issue. For this reason, starting from April 2022, all the electricity used by Laborplast, about 6,900 MWh per year (6,900,000 kWh), comes from EKOenergy certified renewable sources, on which Guarantees of Origin (GO) are issued in accordance with the European Parliament Directive 2009/28 / EC.
EKOenergy is the international finland-based non-profit eco-label for renewable energy. The energy purchased under the EKOenergy label, in addition to being 100% renewable, meets strict sustainability criteria, finances projects against energy poverty in developing countries and actively supports the “Climate Fund”. EKOenergy therefore contributes to create added value together with official certifications for renewable energy, such as Guarantees of Origin and RECs and I-RECs certificates.

EKOenergy certified energy is exclusively produced from the following sustainable sources: solar, aeolic, hydroelectric, biomass. Therefore, energy produced from fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal) and nuclear plants is not used.

The italian Ministry of the Environment provides the following indications regarding the CO2 produced by the national energy mix: “To produce an electric kWh, the equivalent of 2,56 kWh is burned on average in the form of fossil fuels and consequently about 0,53 kg of carbon dioxide are emitted into the air. It can therefore be said that every kWh produced with renewable energy avoids the emission of 0,53 kg of carbon dioxide”.

Comparing these data to company consumption, it is estimated that with this choice it is avoided the release into the environment of about 3.650.000 kg of CO2 (3.650 tons)


In addition to the purchase of 100% renewable energy EKOenergy, Laborplast planned to install a photovoltaic system with a power of 310kW, which is expected to provide the company with about 5% of the annual needs.