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The different PVC compound types intended for the production of cores result in a high-quality product at a competitive price. LABORPVC-EPI formulations are mainly constituted by high-thickness pipes and profiles scaps from a post-industrial and post-consumer source. The production dept. adds calcium carbonate in a variable percentage to optimize its mechanical characteristics. During the process then other elements are added: additives as paraffin wax, Ca/Zn stabilizers and if needed impact-resistant elements to improve the processing characteristics. With the alteration of the filtration and gelification degree, Laborplast obtains different granules types, intended for the production of items with 1 mm to 20 mm thickness. On request also compositions intended for higher thickness products (for instance full and hollowed rods) are available. The main application for this kind of compound is the production of winding cores and construction and plant design pipes.

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