We are Eco-Friendly

During the last decade the ecology topic and the resulting tendency to put into practice the circular economy has been one of the main themes of Italian companies. Therefore the interest in the recycling field has grown. Since Laborplast has cared about it by half a century can be a proud holder of the label eco-friendly company. Since the beginning of the 1970s in fact Pariani brothers are well aware of the PVC recycling qualities and its potential on the waste reducing.

“We know perfectly well that the plastic companies are unpopular because of the products’ environmental impact, of the oil drilling and of the global warming.

We make sure that PVC is not just used once and then dropped on a landfill or on a waste-to-energy plant. We consider very relevantly to keep the earth our sons will be living in as clean as possible.

Each year we invest high amounts of money to increase our productive capacity and consequently the recycled PVC amount”.

Laborplast products are fully recyclable and the newer R&D projects follow the same ideas of an easy and large recycling and recovery.

All Laborplast regenerated PVC products only contain a 3% of the virgin product, the heath stabilizers that are reactivated each regeneration cycle.

We are referring to about 12.000 tons a year (cores and compound). An interesting VinylPlus study affirms that each recycled PVC Kg avoids the introduction on the atmosphere of 2Kg of CO2eq.

This means that Laborplast spares the earth of 42.000 ton CO2eq emission.